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Young Children

Title Barcode
Airplanes, All About 100283
All About - Astronauts and Cowboys 101303
Angelina Ballerina-The Ballet Tickets 100039
Awesome Big Rigs 101266
Baby Signing Time 1 (It's Baby Signing Time) 100794
Baby Signing Time 2 (Here I Go) 100785
Baby Signing Time 3 (A New Day) 100807
Baby Signing Time 4 (Let's Be Friends) 100790
Care Bears Look at Food Facts & Fables 101080
Care Bears Movie 101081
Chugginton 100895
Hard Hat Harry's trucks and fire trucks 101523
Hello Kitty Tells Fairy Tales 100919
Hello Kitty's Paradise, Fun with Friends 101633
I Wanna Be a Heavy Equipment Operator 101265
Leap Frog Letter Factory 100740
Leap Frog Math Circus 100716
Leap Frog Phonics Farm 100637
Little Engine that Could, The 101647
Littlest Pet Shop 100043
Mighty Machines Boats to the Rescue 100893
Mighty Machines, Diggers & Dozers 101408
My Little Pony Flight to Cloud Castle 100855
My Little Pony, Season 1, Disc 1 102050
My Little Pony, Season 1, Disc 2 102051
My Little Pony, Season 2, Disc 1 102054
My Little Pony, Season 3, Disc 1 102075
My Little Pony, Season 3, Disc 2 102076
My Little Pony, Season 5, Disc 1 100160
My Little Pony, Season 5, Disc 2 100418
My Little Pony, Season 5, Disc 3 100419
My Little Pony, Season 5, Disc 4 101860
My Little Pony: The Movie 100614
Read With Me (C is For Circus) 100157
Read with Me (Elizabeth and Larry) 101199
Read with Me (If I Ran the Zoo) 100633
Read with Me (Mitten, King Bidgood's in the Bathtub) 100414
Read with Me (Small Green Snake, Rainbow Fish) 101320
Read with Me (Wolf's Chicken Stew, How the Grinch Stole Christmas) 100449
Signing Time 1 (My First Signs) 100824
Signing Time 10 (My Day) 100821
Signing Time 11 (My Neighborhood) 100817
Signing Time 13 (Welcome to School) 100820
Signing Time 6 (My Favorite Things) 100823
Signing Time 8 (The Great Outdoors) 100892
Signing Time Songs Vols 10-12 100881
Signing Time Songs Vols 1-3 100825
Signing Time Songs Vols 4-6 100826
Signing Time Songs Vols 7-9 100865
Smurfs, True Blue Friends 101411
St Bear's Dolls Hospital Crocodile Tears 100994
St Bear's Dolls Hospital Little Toy Soldier 100278
Strawberry Shortcake Adventures On Ice Cream Island 100613
Strawberry Shortcake, Best Pets Yet 101868
Strawberry Shortcake, Happily Ever After 101788
Strawberry Shortcake, Jammin with Cherry Jam 101774
Strawberry Shortcake, The Berryfest Princess Movie 101787
Strawberry Shortcake, world of friends 101443
Veggietales Sweetpea Beauty 101288

Borrowing Guidelines

The Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center offers DVD movies to families with a child receiving inpatient care at Children's Wisconsin located in Milwaukee.

1. Up to three movies per patient room may be checked out at a time.

2. Loan period is three days and may be renewed one time.

3. Movies and games must be returned to the Family Resource Center. After hours use the book returen outside of the Center.

4. If movies are not returned, families will not be able to check out any more until those items are returned or replaced. Replacement cost for movie is $20.

To see if your selected titles are available call 414-266-3169 or email

Call Children's Resource Center-Southeast at 800-234-KIDS (5437)

Located in the Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center at Children's Wisconsin
8915 W. Connell Court, Milwaukee, WI
Open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

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