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PBS Kids

Title Barcode
Arthur Hooray for Health 100930
Arthur's Baby 100915
Barney Songs From the Park 101259
Barney, Hi! Him Riff 101313
Barney, Imagination Island, The Movie 101619
Barney, Let's Go to the Farm 101009
Barney, The Land of Make Believe 100077
Barney's Adventure Bus 100089
Barney's Musical Scrapbook 100079
Bob the Builder Celebrate with Bob 101593
Bob the Builder The Big Game 101063
Bob's Big Plan 101062
Caillou, Big Brother Caillou & Other Adventures 100477
Caillou, Family Favorites 101853
Caillou, Winter Wonderland 100111
Clifford Doggie Detectives 101220
Clifford's Puppy Days Puppy Sports Spectacular 100154
Curious George 100166
Curious George Back to School 101773
Curious George Back to the Jungle Movie 102069
Curious George Goes to the Doctor 101423
Curious George Plays in the Snow 101626
Curious George Rides a Bike and MoreTales of Mischief 100170
Curious George Rocket Ride & Other Adventures 101625
Curious George Takes a Job 101399
Curous George Takes a Vacation 101934
Daniel Tiger Big Brother Daniel 100300
Daniel Tiger Daniel's Big Feelings 100309
Daniel Tiger Visits the Farm 100320
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 102085
Dinosaur Train: Eggstravaganza 100020
Elmo and Cookie Monster: Supersized Fun 101098
Elmo and Friends 100796
Elmo and Friends: Tales of Adventure 102042
Elmo in Grouchland, Adventures of 100635
Elmo Loves You 101240
Elmo Says Boo! 100654
Elmo The Musical 100234
Elmo's Magic Numbers 101494
Elmo's World 100314
Elmo's World Singing, Drawing & More 101474
Elmo's World, Elmo Has Two! Hands, Ears and Feet 101856
Elmo's World, Food, Water & Exercise! 101586
Elmo's World, Let's Play Music 101727
Elmo's World, Reach for the Sky! 102043
Elmo's World, The Great Outdoors 101585
Elmo's World, The Street We Live On 100722
Growing up with Winnie the Pooh 101410
Pooh's Grand Adventure 100495
Sesame Street Big Bird Gets Lost 100770
Sesame Street Follow That Bird 101221
Sesame Street Singing with the Stars 101578
Sesame Street's 25th Birthday A Musical Celebration 100554
Shalom Sesame: Disc 1 100183
Shalom Sesame: Disc 2 101304
Shalom Sesame: Disc 3 101045
Shalom Sesame: Disc 4 101575
Shalom Sesame: Disc 5 101576
Shalom Sesame: Disc 6 101577
Signing Time 100823
Thomas & Friends Calling all engines 101039
Thomas & Friends Carnival Capers 101186
Thomas & Friends Engines and Escapes 101520
Thomas & Friends James & The Red Balloon 100588
Thomas & Friends James Learns a Lesson 100705
Thomas & Friends Lion of Dodor, The 101521
Thomas & Friends Misty Island Rescue 101354
Thomas & Friends Percy Saves the day 101071
Thomas & Friends Percy's Ghostly Trick 100715
Thomas & Friends Songs From the Station 101217
Thomas & Friends Thomas' Snowy Surprise 101401
Thomas & Friends Thomas' Trusty Friends 101522
Thomas & Friends Track Stars 100589
Thomas & Friends Wobbly Wheels and Whistles 100812
Tigger & Pooh, My Friends, Friendly Tails 100021
Tigger Movie, The 100358
Wild Kratts, African Savannah Adventures 101278
Wild Kratts, Creature Adventures, Disc 1 102080
Wild Kratts, Creature Adventures, Disc 2 102081
Wild Kratts, Creature Christmas 101284
Wild Kratts, Jungle Animals 102079
Wild Kratts, Lost at Sea 102078
Wild Kratts, Predator Power 102077
Wild Kratts, Shark-Tastic! 102070
Wild Kratts, Super Sprinters 102025
Wild Kratts, Wild Winter Creatures 101331
Winnie the Pooh Movie 100538
Winnie the Pooh, Book of Pooh Stories From the Heart 100651
Word World 100900

Borrowing Guidelines

The Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center offers DVD movies to families with a child receiving inpatient care at Children's Wisconsin located in Milwaukee.

1. Up to three movies per patient room may be checked out at a time.

2. Loan period is three days and may be renewed one time.

3. Movies and games must be returned to the Family Resource Center. After hours use the book returen outside of the Center.

4. If movies are not returned, families will not be able to check out any more until those items are returned or replaced. Replacement cost for movie is $20.

To see if your selected titles are available call 414-266-3169 or email

Call Southeast Regional Center at 800-234-KIDS (5437)

Located in the Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center at Children's Wisconsin
8915 W. Connell Court, Milwaukee, WI
Open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

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